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It is home page with some of my software works. I hope, they may be useful.

Dmitriy Anisimkov

Ada Web Server
Http server component. Authors Dmitriy Anisimkov and Pascal Obry.

Operations under the numbers with unlimited size
Arithmetical and binary operations under the numbers which has a size and precision limited only by memory size.

Base binding of Oracle Call Interface library
Easy to use interface to interact with Oracle RDBMS.

CBIND ported to Win32
Win32 port of the translator for "thin" Ada bindings to C with executable files. Unix compatible source codes provided by Mark Schimmel and Mitch Gart.

AdaSockets installation for Win32
Subset of the original distributive of the AdaSockets v 1.7 created by Samuel Tardieu. This win32 distributive is more easy to install then original one, becouse for the original distributive we have to have unix for windows command line tools like MSYS or CygWin.

Linear and integer programming
Solution of the linear and integer programming task with absolute precision (Borland Delphi 3.0). That algorithm may be used in the following application types.

Fast Fourier transform
Recursive algorithm of the fast fourier transform with number of descret equal to power of 2 (Implementations in the Pascal, C++, Assembler 8086).

Single process
It is a FAQ for 32 version Delphi: How to make single instance of application. Download and compile this example.

Big array and pseudo-exceptions
Lets process the data array in the 16 bit mode 80x86 processors family which size is more then memory size. It works like virtual memory. Also in the except7.pas implemented pseudo-exceptions. This modules is part of commertial project.(Borland Pascal 7.0 all targets)

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