Base binding of Oracle Call Interface library for Ada95 programming language.
This library is a free software and distributed under the GNAT modified GPL. It provides easy to use interface to interact with Oracle RDBMS, see the following example. Applications using this binding were compiled by GNAT 3.15p on the win32 platform and was tested with Oracle 8i client in multitasking environment. I guess, there are no obstacles to compile it in another Oracle and Ada95 supported platforms. One of applications using this library is the Currency rates chart server. It has an AWS based HTTP interface.

How to build it under win32 platform :

  1. Download archive with source codes and extract it to separate directory;
  2. Issue command : gnatmake liboci.adb -largs -Lc:/path/wherever/library/placed -lOCI

Author : Dmitriy Anisimkov
E-mail welcome