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Name:Dmitriy Anisimkov
Date of birth:January 09, 1968

sep 1985 - feb 1993
Master degree: Ural Federal University, Institute of Physics and Technology
Specializing: Experimental Physics
Degree work:Numerical spectrum analysis based on the fast Fourier transform

Programming Languages: Ada, PL/SQL, SQL, C, C++, Object Pascal, bash, python, HTML, XML, Java, Assembler Intel x86
Database Management Systems: Oracle RDBMS, MS SQL Server, Sybase SQL Anywhere, FoxPro, Borland InterBase
Operating Systems: Linux, FreeBSD, MS Windows, QNX, Sun Solaris 2.5.1
Development tools: GNAT, Borland Delphi, Borland C++ builder, Microsoft Visual C++, Rational Rose
Technologies: Oracle Call Interface, BSD/POSIX/Windows sockets, OpenSSL, GNUTLS, Win32 API, UML, OLE 2, ODBC, Borland Database Engine
Hardware: PCs, Modems, UART
Protocols:TCP-IP, HTTP, SSL, Ymodem, NetBIOS
Open source activities Experience
january 2000 - now
Company:ActForex, Inc.
Location:USA, New York
Title:Lead programmer
Project:Internet currency trading system.
Tools:GNAT-GPL Ada compiler, PL/SQL, Oracle RDBMS
  • Universal HTTP middleware between trading clients and Oracle RDBMS based on the Ada Web Server and AdaOCI (part of GNADE). Simultaneously serving thousands of clients using the connection pool and messaging subsystem based on the HTTP server-push. Using for reports and for trading activity data.
  • Business logic of the currency trading system (PL/SQL, Ada).
  • Database structure of the currency trading system (SQL).
  • TCP/IP client and server applications to transfer currency rates between trading systems (Ada).
  • Internet Charts Server as a middleware between Oracle RDBMS and financial charts GUI applications. Use messaging subsystem to keep charts data fresh (Ada, PL/SQL).
nov 1998 - december 1999
Company:ERA-1 IT Development Co.
Location:Omsk, Russia
Project:Oil transfer accounting system.
Objective: The system detects pipe transferred oil quality and quantity.
Tools:QNX 4.24, Watcom C 10.6
Participation: Developed a number of interacting real-time processes obtaining and interpreting data from sensors and controllers.

nov 1993 - nov 1998
Company:Quadrat Ltd.
Location:Omsk, Russia
Title:Project supervisor

Project: Account management system for telephone joins on electrical/mechanical phone stations.
Objective: Allowing for the telecommunication companies to count the number and duration of telephone calls.
Tools:Borland Delphi, MS SQL Server 6.5
Participation: Designed a simple network protocol and software components for interaction with hardware controllers thru the UART communication port.
Use: The system is installed and successfully used in the following cities: Perm, Berezniky, Solikamsk, Nigniy Novgorod, Iaroslavl, Rostov na Donu, Ulan-Uda and Omsk.

Project: Equipment for the generation of automatic number definition signals in a telephone network.
Tools:MS Visual C++, Windows 98 DDK
Participation: Developed a device driver for the test equipment adapter. The device driver controls the test equipment, counts time intervals by means of the interrupt signal and obtains the quantized signal by means of DMA.
oct 1993 - nov 1993
Company: Omsk Research Institute of Instrument-making.
Department of communication systems.
Location:Omsk, Russia
Project:Device for shipborne communication.
Tools:C, Assembler
Participation: Program for testing some peripheral equipment and memory on controllers with the PDP-11 system architecture.
march 1993 - oct 1993
Company:Science/production association ELPRIS
Location:Omsk, Russia
Project: Automaton of call maintenance procedures for a telephone network customer.
Tools:Borland Pascal 6.0
Participation: Developed editor and scenario interpreter of telephone join and algorithm for determination of the phone number on the base of Fast Fourier Transform.
march 1991 - feb 1993
Company:"ANIS" Ltd.
Location:Yekaterinburg, Russia
Project:Sectoring oil reservoirs.
Tools:Clipper, Borland C++ 2.0
Participation: Developed software for sectoring oil reservoirs by volume and geometric methods

Experimental development